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The cake cutting ceremony is a time-honoured wedding tradition for most couples, with the cake itself remaining as one of the most photographed styling elements and focal points at a wedding. 

Despite being a must-have at majority of weddings, many couples get to the end of their wedding and look around only to find a whole lot of uneaten cake still sitting on the tables, untouched. By the time a wedding cake is cut and served, it is usually nearing the end of the night. At this point, most guests are already full from the three course dinner they've just had and elderly friends, family or parents with small kids may have also left for the night.  

Our hire cakes provide an alternative solution to couples, where they can still take part in the traditional cake cutting ceremony and have the special moment captured but without all the waste of food and money. Some other benefits of hiring a cake include:

  • Weather is no issue. Great care needs to be taken when transporting or displaying real cakes in hot weather to ensure they don't melt or get damaged. This isn't an issue with our hire cakes.

  • Ability to reschedule. We can easily reschedule your hire to a new date if your wedding needs to be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. With a real cake, this isn't possible after a certain timeframe because of its perishable nature.

  • Guest numbers don't affect cake size. Many couples have guest numbers that are way too small to accommodate a large multi-tiered cake. With a hire cake, you don't need to compromise. A beautiful extravagant cake is possible regardless of guest numbers.  

We also make a small slit in our cakes so that you can slide a knife in to replicate the real cake cutting experience. For couples who would still like to serve real cake at their wedding, we can provide a slab cake option at an additional cost, along with the cake hire. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too!? Venues love the efficiency of being able to pre-slice the cake and have servings ready to go after the cake cutting ceremony, guests aren't left waiting too long to have a piece either and you're still saving on costs. It's a win-win... win!

Sound good? Let's talk. For any general queries, send us an email at or to book a cake, fill out the form in our contact section and we'll get back to you within 48 hours (check your junk mail if you haven't heard from us by then). We look forward to hearing from you!


Unreal Cake Hire 

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